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Archive 2012 - 2013 > Études supérieures > Religious Education (en anglais seulement)

Religious Education (en anglais seulement)

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  • Exigences du programme

The master's degree in religious education (MRE) is a professional program consisting of 30 credits.

The MRE program consits of two modules: a theological module and a religious education module.

As the primary objective of the program consists in training competent teachers in religious education, the program is centred on the practicum of teaching religious education. The theoretical courses are intended to facilitate the two practicums. The practicums will be implemented in accordance with the procedures and policies of the Institute of Pastoral Studies.

Duration of the Program

The MRE program is a part-time program with a three-year cycle. Students will register as part-time regular students. The program must be completed within four years.

Minimum Standards

The passing grade in all courses is C+. Students who fail two courses (equivalent to 6 credits) must withdraw from the program.