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Archive 2019 - 2020 > Études générales > Master of Theological Studies - Eastern Christian Studies (en anglais)

Master of Theological Studies - Eastern Christian Studies (en anglais)

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  • Exigences du programme

Compulsory Courses: 27 credits

  • THO 2130 Foundations of Eastern Christian Theology
  • THO 2131 General Introduction to the Eastern Churches
  • THO 3160 Introduction to the Old Testament: Pentateuch and Historical Books
  • THO 3161 Introduction to the New Testament: Synoptic Gospels
  • THO 3167 Early Christianity: The First Five Centuries (0-600 CE)
  • THO 3301 Hermeneutics and Exegesis in Eastern Christianity
  • THO 3318 Eastern Christian Spirituality
  • THO 3324 Introduction to Eastern Christian Ethics
  • THO 3328 The Holy Mysteries: Byzantine Sacraments

Optional Courses: 15 credits

1. Three Credits from each category:

(a) Foundations for Dialogue with People of Other Faiths (3 cr.)

  • MIS 2108 Theory and Praxis of Interreligious Dialogue
  • THO 2410 Introduction to the Religions of the World
  • THO 3305 Eastern Christianity and the Encounter with World Religions

(b) Contextual Issues in Church and Theology (3 cr.)

  • THO 3172 Faith and Contemporary Culture
  • THO 3309 Contemporary Moral Issues in Eastern Theology
  • THO 3316 Ecclesiology and East-West Ecumenism
  • THO 4203 Christianity in a Secular Age

(c) Summative Exercise (3 cr.)

  • THO 4140 Theological Synthesis
  • THO 4207 Major Research Paper

2. Six Credits from:

 (a) Divine Self-Disclosure: The Foundation of Christian Hope (6 cr.)

  • THO 3319 Eastern Christian Doctrine I: Trinity, Christ, and Holy Spirit
  • THO 3315 Eastern Christian Doctrine II: Salvation, Humanity, the Church and Eschatology
  • THO 3325 Theology and Spirituality of Icons

Elective Courses: 18 credits

Students may choose elective courses from among those offered within the basic degree programs in theology. With the approval of the Faculty of Theology, they may also choose from among course offerings in Human Sciences (Philosophy, Conflict Studies, Social Communication, etc.) in order to pursue a theological theme from an interdisciplinary perspective. Those anticipating further theological studies in advanced degree programs are urged to consider the study of Latin, biblical Greek or biblical Hebrew in order to study texts in their original language.