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The first Graduate degree of its kind in Canada!

The Faculty of Human Sciences of Saint Paul University offers a new interdisciplinary graduate program leading to the degree of Master of Arts in Transformative Leadership and Spirituality. The degree highlights personal and social transformation, critical analysis and practice base learning. 

Integrating the spiritual, ethical and transformative dimensions of leadership, this degree is designed to build leadership capacity for animating the personal, social, cultural and systemic change required for meeting the challenges of the 21st century. It allows participants to identify and develop their leadership capacities in order to become transformative agents within their respective environments. 

Leaders and emerging leaders in health care, education, pastoral, government and non-governmental organizations are among those welcome to apply.

The Senate of Saint Paul University and the University of Ottawa confer the degree jointly.

*Offered in English only.

Academic regulations.

Admissions scholarships.

To be considered for admission, applicants must:

  1.  Hold an honours bachelor degree (4 years) in Humanities or Social Sciences (minimum admission average of 70% or B), with a minimum of two years of experience in a work environment as a professional or volunteer; or hold an honours bachelor degree (4 years) in another discipline (minimum admission average of 70% or B), with a minimum of five years of experience in a work environment as a professional or volunteer;
  2. Have attained 6 units in a curriculum that includes reflection on the spiritual dimensions of human experience grounded in either the Humanities, Spirituality or Religious Studies. Prior learning assessment (professional experience, self-teaching, non-credit courses, workplace training, volunteer work, etc.)  may be considered;
  3. Provide two confidential letters of reference: one professional (providing evidence of personal and professional maturity) and one academic (providing evidence of ability to succeed in a graduate program of study);
  4. Provide a CV and a Statement of Purpose;
  5. Pass an interview with the program coordinators to verify the candidate’s objectives and abilities for the program.

Master Requirements (39 credits)

Compulsory Courses ( 21 credits)

  • HUM5101 Leadership Theory, Practices and Approaches (3cr)
  • HUM5102 Research Methods for Transformative Leadership (3cr)
  • HUM5121 Transformative Leadership and Spirituality (3cr)
  • HUM5122 Transformative Leadership and Group Facilitation (3cr)
  • HUM5123 Transformative Leadership and Learning Communities (3cr)
  • IPA5321 Transformative Leadership and Psychology (3cr)
  • IPA5322 Worldview, Religion and Culture (3cr)

Practicums (9 credits)

  • HUM5301 Practicing Leadership and Professional Ethics: Practicum I (3cr)
  • HUM5302 Practicing Leadership: Practicum II (3cr)
  • HUM5303 Practicing Leadership: Practicum III (3cr)

Research (3 credits)

  • HUM5999 Research Seminar (3cr)

Optional Courses (6 credits)

  • HUM5103 Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (3cr)
  • HUM5104 Indigenous Spiritualties and Transformative Leadership (3cr)
  • HUM5113 Transformative Leadership, Spirituality and Ecology (3cr)
  • HUM5114 Women’s Spiritualties and Transformative Leadership (3cr)

Under exceptional circumstances, students may select an optional course from another graduate program with permission of both the Master of Arts in Transformative Leadership and Spirituality program director and the director of the other program.


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