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Saint Paul University offers a Master’s in Religious Education which is conferred jointly by the University of Ottawa and Saint Paul University. This program from the School of Transformative Leadership and Spirituality combines the resources of human sciences, education and theology to examine and transform practices in religious education and Catholic leadership.

It is designed to accommodate students’ full-time work responsibilities and is delivered through a combination of distance learning technologies and on-campus intensive sessions (one weekend per term). This degree meets the Ontario Catholic Supervisory Officer’s Association requirement for a Master’s Degree.

Program Objectives

  • Enhance the attitudes, knowledge and skills of Catholic religious educators;
  • Provide additional possibilities for personal growth in faith;
  • Provide a better understanding and integration of the principles and methods of religious education;
  • Provide resources for the integration of Christian faith and service.

Academic regulations.

Admissions scholarships.

  • To be admitted to the MRE program a candidate must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution with a minimum 70 % (B) average.
  • A candidate must have succesfully completed at least five 3-credit courses in the field of education. Teachers holding a teacher's certificate or a BEd are considered as having fulfilled this prerequisite.
  • A candidate must have successfully completed at least five 3-credit courses in the field of theology. Two of these courses must be introductory courses in the Old and New Testaments. At least two of the three other courses must be courses in the field of theology (biblical studies, spirituality, ethics, Church history or systematic theology). One 3-credit course may be in a field of religious studies considered acceptable by the admissions committee. For teachers in the Separate School system of the Province of Ontario, the OECTA/OSSTA Ministry Course in Religious Education (Parts I, II and III) will be recognized as the equivalent of two 3-credit courses.
  • A candidate must have experience in the teaching of religious education: (1) teachers of boards of education must have two years of teaching experience with at least one year of teaching religious education authenticated by a letter from the supervisory officer of the school board; (2) with regard to teachers of parish religious education programs or diocesan directors of religious education, this condition for admission may be fulfilled in another way deemed equivalent by the Faculty of Theology.


Certains documents, parfois sur des formulaires spécifiques, sont requis. Pour plus de détails, voir la page Étape 4 : Rassemblez les documents requis pour l’évaluation de votre demande d’admission.

Master's Requirements (30 credits)

The MRE program consists of two modules: a theological module and a religious education module.

As the primary objective of the program consists in training competent teachers in religious education, the program is centered on the practicum of teaching religious education. The theoretical courses are intended to facilitate the two practicums.

1. Theological Module (15 credits)

Compulsory Courses (15 credits)
THO5101 Jesus the Christ and Salvation (3cr)
THO5102 Church and World (3cr)
THO5103 Liturgy (3cr)
THO5104 Moral Existence and Christian Life (3cr)
THO5105 Faith and the Challenges of Modern Culture (3cr)

2. Religious Education Module (15 credits)

Compulsory Courses (6 credits)
THO5106 Religious Education (3cr)
THO5107 Teaching and Faith Tradition (3cr)

Optional Course (3 credits)
THO5108 Christianity and World Religions (3cr)
THO5110 Leadership in Catholic Institutions (3cr)
THO5111 Ethical, Cultural and Religious Issues for Catholic Leaders (3cr)
IPA5180 Sociological and Psychological Perspectives on Religious Development (3cr)

Practicums (6 credits)
IPA5181 Practicum in Religious Education I (3cr)
IPA5182 Practicum in Religious Education II (3cr)

Duration of the Program

The MRE program is a part-time program with a three-year cycle. Students will register as part-time regular students. The program must be completed within four years.

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