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Social Innovation

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  • Program requirements

Program requirements

Compulsory courses (15 units)

INS5101 Theoretical Foundations of Social Innovation (3u)
INS5301 Planning a Research Topic (3u)
INS5302 Issues in Social Innovation (3u)
INS5303 Design and Social Innovation (3u)
INS5304 Research Internship (3u)

Optional courses (6 units) from the following:

INS5108 Selected Topics in Democratic Management (3u)
INS5109 Selected Topics in Social Action (3u)
INS5110 Selected Topics in Critical Thinking (3u)

With prior approval of the Director of Graduate Programs, students will be able to take either a Graduate Course (3u) offered in another program or another university or a Directed Readings Course (INS5901 Lectures dirigées/ Directed Readings (3u)).


INS6997 Thesis Proposal
INS6999 MA Thesis

Duration of the program

Students are expected to complete all requirements within two years of full-time study (six terms). The maximum time permitted, whether full- or part-time, is four years from the date of initial registration in the program.

Academic Regulations