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Archive 2018 - 2019 > Graduate studies > Master in Religious Education (MRE)

Master in Religious Education (MRE)

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  • Program requirements

Master Requirements (30 credits)

The MRE program consists of two modules: a theological module and a religious education module.

As the primary objective of the program consists in training competent teachers in religious education, the program is centered on the practicum of teaching religious education. The theoretical courses are intended to facilitate the two practicums.

1. Theological Module (15 credits)

Compulsory Courses (15 credits)
THO5101 Jesus the Christ and Salvation (3cr)
THO5102 Church and World (3cr)
THO5103 Liturgy (3cr)
THO5104 Moral Existence and Christian Life (3cr)
THO5105 Faith and the Challenges of Modern Culture (3cr)

2. Religious Education Module (15 credits)

Compulsory Courses (6 credits)
THO5106 Religious Education (3cr)
THO5107 Teaching and Faith Tradition (3cr)

Optional Course (3 credits)
THO5108 Christianity and World Religions (3cr)
THO5110 Leadership in Catholic Institutions (3cr)
THO5111 Ethical, Cultural and Religious Issues for Catholic Leaders (3cr)
IPA5180 Sociological and Psychological Perspectives on Religious Development (3cr)

Practicums (6 credits)
IPA5181 Practicum in Religious Education I (3cr)
IPA5182 Practicum in Religious Education II (3cr)

Duration of the Program

The MRE program is a part-time program with a three-year cycle. Students will register as part-time regular students. The program must be completed within four years.