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Archive 2019 - 2020 > Graduate studies > M.A. in Public Ethics

M.A. in Public Ethics

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  • Program requirements

The MA program provides two options:

  • Research Paper option: six compulsory courses; four optional courses; Research Paper (EPE6999).
  • Thesis option: six compulsory courses; two optional courses; Thesis (EPE7999).

Compulsory Courses (18 units)

EPE5101 Social Philosophy (3u)
EPE6300 Main Ethical Theories I (3u)
EPE6307 Main Ethical Theories II (3u)
EPE6309 Ethics, Philosophy and Public Policy (3u)
EPE6310 Seminar in Public Ethics I (3u)
EPE6311 Seminar in Public Ethics II (3u)

Optional Courses (12 or 6 units)

12 units (Research Paper option) or 6 units (Thesis option) from:
ECS5304 Ethical Dimensions of Conflict (3u)
EPE6301 Military and Peacekeeping Ethics (3u)
EPE6302 Environmental Ethics (3u)
EPE6303 Ethics and Human Rights (3u)
EPE6304 Ethics and International Development (3u)
EPE6305 Ethics and Health Care (3u)
EPE6306 Ethics, Privacy and Information (3u)
EPE6308 Secularism and Public Life (3u)
EPE6320 Selected Topics in Ethics (3u)
EPE6901 Directed Readings / Lectures dirigées (3u)
EPE6902 Research Internship / Stage de recherche (3u)
CMN5115 Communication Ethics (3u) (UO)
PAP6102 Democratic Governance (3u) (UO)
SOC7150 Interethnic Relations: Critical Examination of Theories and Research(3u) (UO)


EPE6999 Research Paper / Mémoire (Research Paper option)
EPE7999 Master's Thesis / Thèse de maîtrise (Thesis option)

Before being allowed to register for the thesis, students must have had their detailed research plan accepted by a potential supervisor and by the director of the School.