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Archive 2018 - 2019 > Graduate studies > Licentiate in Canon Law

Licentiate in Canon Law

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  • Program requirements

Licentiate Requirements (75 credits)

Compulsory courses (66 cr.):
DCA 5103 Universal and Supra-Diocesan Church Structures (3 cr.)
DCA 5127 Particular Churches (3 cr.)
DCA 5128 Sanctifying Office (3 cr.)
DCA 5129 General Norms (3 cr.)
DCA 5130 Matrimonial Law (3 cr.)
DCA 5131 Christian Faithful (3 cr.)
DCA 5132 Administrative Institutes (3 cr.)
DCA 5133 Procedures I (3 cr.)
DCA 5134 Eastern Canon Law (3 cr.)
DCA 5135 Matrimonial Jurisprudence (3 cr.)
DCA 5136 Introduction to Canon Law (3 cr.)
DCA 5137 Teaching Office (1.5 cr.)
DCA 5138 Special Matrimonial Cases and Procedures (1.5 cr.)
DCA 5203 Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life (3 cr.)
DCA 6112 Administrative Procedures (3 cr.)
DCA 6113 Temporal Goods (3 cr.)
DCA 6114 Procedures II (3 cr.)
DCA 6115 Penal Law (3 cr.)
DCA 6116 Foundations of Canon Law (3cr.)
DCA 6117 Institutes of Law (3cr.)
DCA 6321 Seminar on Tribunal Practice (3 cr.)
DCA 6395 Research Seminar (3 cr.)
DCA 6921 Canonical Latin (3 cr.)

Optional courses (9 cr.) from among the following:
DCA 5304  Comparative Particular Law (3 cr.)
DCA 5396  Directed Studies I (3 cr.)
DCA 5397  Directed Studies II (3 cr.)
DCA 5398  Directed Studies III (3 cr.)
DCA 6301  Special Problems in Canon Law I (3 cr.)
DCA 6302  Special Problems in Canon Law II (3 cr.)
DCA 6315  Liturgical Law Outside the Code (3 cr.)
DCA 6316  The Laity and the Power of Governance in the Church (3 cr.)
DCA 6363  Special Problems in Canon Law III (1.5 cr.)
DCA 6364  Special Problems in Canon Law IV (1.5 cr.)
DCA 6396  Selected Topics in Canon Law I (3 cr.)
DCA 6397  Selected Topics in Canon Law II (3 cr.)
DCA 6398  Selected Topics in Canon Law III (3 cr.)
DCA 6922  Field Practicum (3 cr.)
DCA 6961  Study Visit to the Roman Curia (1.5 cr.)
DCA 6962  Special Issues in Consecrated Life (1.5 cr.)

Latin Requirement

Students without a sufficient understanding of Latin are required to take DCA 3108 (Latin I) and DCA 3109 (Latin II) as prerequisites to DCA 6291 (Canonical Latin).

Comprehensive  Examination                                                                                                                                                    

When all coursework has been completed, students are required to take DCA 7998 (Comprehensive Examination) to obtain the LCL/JCL. The student is admitted to the comprehensive examination only after having fulfilled all the other requirements of the program. At least one month before the examination, the student will choose 15 themes from the list approved by the Dean after consultation with the professors. The student will be questioned orally for 60 minutes on these themes before a panel of professors. The passing grade is C+ (65%). If this examination is failed, it may be taken again subject to the norms of the Faculty.