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Human Relations and Spirituality

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  • Program requirements

Compulsory Courses (36 units)

IPA1121 Human Behavior and Spirituality: Theoretical Foundations
IPA1122 Human Behavior and Spirituality: Empirical Observations
IPA2121 Perspectives on Psycho-Social Human Behavior
IPA2122 Research Methods and Ethics in Human Sciences (Qualitative Approach)
IPA2126 Developmental Psychology, Spirituality and Religiosity from Childhood to Adolescence
IPA2127 Developmental Psychology, Spirituality and Religiosity from Adulthood to Old Age
IPA3101 Psychology of Spiritual Experience
IPA3121 Theories of Personality
IPA3122 Cultural Diversity and Religious Pluralism
IPA3123 The Helping Relationships and Ethical Considerations
IPA4121 Basic Skills and Concepts in Counselling and Spirituality
IPA4122 Psychopathology: Causes and Impact on Human Relationships and Spirituality

Optional Courses (6 units)

6 units from:
ECS3123 Psychological Impacts of Conflicts
IPA2109 Internship I
IPA2123 Research Methods in Human Sciences (Quantitative Approach)
IPA3124 Family and Spirituality
IPA3126 The Spiritual Dimensions of Leadership and Group Facilitation
IPA4124 Special Topics in Human Relations and Spirituality II
IPA4125 Research and Directed Work
PHI3307 Ethics, Multiculturalism and Immigration
PHI3309 Ethics and Religion