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Archive 2018 - 2019 > Undergraduate studies > Honours Bachelor of Arts in Human Relations and Spirituality

Honours Bachelor of Arts in Human Relations and Spirituality

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  • Program requirements

Foundational Courses (12 credits)

Compulsory Courses: 12 credits

  • HTP1102 Approaches in the Humanities: Interpreting the Human Experience
  • HTP1103 People, Social Justice and Ecology
  • HTP1105 Critical Analysis, Reading and Writing Academic Works
  • HTP1106 The First Peoples of Canada

Discipline Specific Courses (60 credits)

Compulsory courses: 45 credits

  • IGL1103 Introduction to Group Dynamics
  • IGL2126 Group Intervention and Active Listening
  • IPA1121 Human Behavior and Spirituality: Theoretical Foundations
  • IPA1122 Human Behavior and Spirituality: Empirical Observations
  • IPA2121 Perspectives on Psycho-Social Human Behavior
  • IPA2122 Research Methods and Ethics in Human Sciences (qualitative approach)
  • IPA2123 Research Methods in Human Sciences (quantitative approach)
  • IPA 2126 Developmental Psychology, Spirituality and Religiosity from Childhood to Adolescence
  • IPA 2127 Developmental Psychology, Spirituality and Religiosity from Adulthood to Old Age
  • IPA3101 Psychology of Spiritual Experience
  • IPA3121 Theories of Personality
  • IPA3122 Cultural Diversity and Religious Pluralism
  • IPA3123 The Helping Relationships and Ethical Considerations
  • IPA4121 Basic Skills and Concepts in Counselling and Spirituality
  • IPA4122 Psychopathology: Causes and Impact on Human Relationships and Spirituality

Optional Courses: 15 credits

Six credits from:

  • ECS2191 Introduction to Conflict Studies
  • ECS2192 Inequality, Conflict and Social Justice
  • IPA2124 Special Topics in Human Relations and Spirituality I
  • IPA2125 Positive Psychology and Spirituality
  • IPA2109 Internship I

Six credits from:

  • ECS3123 Psychological Impacts of Conflicts
  • IGL3112 The Spiritual Dimensions of Leadership and Group Facilitation
  • IPA3124 Family and Spirituality
  • IPA3125 Drugs and Behaviour
  • PHI3307 Ethics and Multiculturalism
  • PHI3309 Ethics and Religion

Three credits from:

  • IPA4123 Internship II
  • IPA4124 Special Topics in Human Relations and Spirituality II
  • IPA4125 Research and Directed Work

Elective Courses (48 credits)

Students choose 48 credits or complete a minor (30 credits) and 18 credits.

12 credits must be at the 3000 or 4000 level.