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Archive 2019 - 2020 > Undergraduate studies > Honours B.A. in Social Communication

Honours B.A. in Social Communication

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  • Program requirements

Foundational Courses (12 units)

Compulsory Courses: 12 units

HTP1102 Approaches in the Humanities: Interpreting the Human Experience
HTP1103 People, Social Justice and Ecology
HTP1105 Critical Analysis, Reading and Writing Academic Works
HTP1106 The First Peoples of Canada

Discipline Specific Courses (60 units)

Compulsory Course: 36 units

ISC1308 Introduction to New Media
ISC1310 Communication Research and Methodology
ISC2301 Communication and Organizations
ISC2306 Media and Ethics
ISC2307 Introduction to Communication
ISC2328 Communication Plan
ISC3300 Theories of Mediated Communication
ISC3305 Psycho Sociology of Mass Communications
ISC3327 Theories of Social Communication
ISC3339 Introduction to Public Relations
ISC4300 Argumentation and Persuasive Communication
ISC4306 Stakes Analysis

Optional Courses: 24 units

9 units from:
ISC2313 Electronic Journalism
ISC2326 Print Media: Writing Principles
ISC2329 Interpersonal Communication
ISC2331 Conceptions of Society
ISC2337 Special Topics in Social Communications I
ISC2342 Strategic Communication Tools

9 units from:
ISC3301 Social Marketing
ISC3302 Media and Great Social Debates
ISC3303 Professional Ethics in Communication
ISC3309 Creating Media Programming
ISC3312 Photography: Semiology of Image
ISC3318 Content Analysis
ISC3319 Special Topics in Social Communications II
ISC3320 Internship I
ISC3331 Knowing the Media
ISC3350 Contemporary Journalism Practices

6 units from:
ISC4302 Social Communications and Social Media
ISC4304 Media and Religious Traditions
ISC4305 Communications for Sustainable Development
ISC4314 Communication and Anthropology
ISC4320 Internship II
ISC4330 Research or Directed Study

Elective Courses (48 units)

Students choose 48 units or complete a minor (30 units) and 18 units.
6 units must be of 3000 or 4000 level.