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Archive 2021 - 2022 > Graduate studies > G.D. in Transformative Leadership and Spirituality

G.D. in Transformative Leadership and Spirituality

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  • Program requirements

Compulsory Courses (9 units)

HUM5101 Leadership Theory, Practices and Approaches (3u)
HUM5121 Transformative Leadership and Spirituality (3u)
HUM5301 Practicing Leadership and Professional Ethics: Practicum I (3u)

Optional Courses (6 units)

6 units from:
HUM5103 Justice, Peace and Ecology (3u)
HUM5104 Indigenous Spiritualities and Transformative Leadership (3u)
HUM5114 Women’s Spiritualities and Transformative Leadership (3u)
HUM5115 Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (3u)
HUM5123 Transformative Leadership and Learning Communities (3u)
HUM5124 Transformative Leadership and Psychology (3u)
HUM5125 Worldview, Religion and Culture (3u)