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Archive 2021 - 2022 > Graduate studies > G.D. in Social Organization Development

G.D. in Social Organization Development

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  • Program requirements

Compulsory Course (3 units)

INS5101 Theoretical Foundations of Social Innovation (3u)

Optional Courses (9 units)

9 units from:
INS5102 Self-Management and Workplace Democracy (3u)
INS5103 Collective Action Strategies and Discourses (3u)
INS5104 Technology in Social Innovation (3u)
INS5105 Organizational Consolidation and Transformation (3u)
INS5106 Public Institutions, Funding and Partnerships (3u)
INS5107 Social Innovation and Management (3u)
INS5108 Selected Topics in Democratic Management (3u)
INS5109 Selected Topics in Social Action (3u)
INS5111 Internship (3u)

A maximum of three units of graduate courses may be taken from other programs or universities with prior authorization from the director of the program.

Research (3 units)

3 units from:
INS6101 Advanced Practical Seminar: Diagnosis and Recommendation (3u)
INS6102 Incubation of a Project in Social Innovation (3u)