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Ethics (Theology)

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  • Program requirements

Compulsory courses (15 credits)

  • THO2147 Selected Topics in Ethics I
  • THO2189 Introduction to Theology
  • THO2316 Religion, Culture, and Diversity
  • THO2317 Religious Imagination and History

3 credits from:

  • THO1306 Exploring the Sacred
  • THO1307 Understanding the Bible

Note that a student who chooses THO1306 within this minor must take THO1307 within the core curriculum of a bachelor degree, or vice-versa.

Optional Courses (15 credits)

15 credits from:

  • THO3155 Selected Topics in Ethics II
  • THO3168 Christian Spirituality
  • THO3176 Theology of Marriage
  • THO3308 Patristic Moral Tradition
  • THO3309 Contemporary Moral Issues in Eastern Theology
  • THO3313 Selected Topics in the Moral Tradition of the Christian East II
  • THO3314 Selected Topics in Moral Theology from Eastern and Western Perspectives
  • THO3324 Introduction to Eastern Christian Ethics
  • THO4104 Sexual Ethics
  • THO4105 Social and Political Ethics
  • THO4106 Bioethics
  • THO4107 Humanity: Creature and Creator
  • THO4108 Grace and Christian Existence
  • THO4109 Sin and the Question of Evil
  • THO4124 Feminist Ethics
  • THO4127 Economics and Ethics
  • PHI3183 Moral Philosophy
  • or other courses approved by the Faculty of Theology.

Some courses have specific prerequisites.

A course that is part of a bachelor degree or a major cannot count as an optional course toward a minor.