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Ethics and Contemporary Social Issues

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  • Program requirements

Compulsory Courses (12 units)

PHI1105 Introduction to Critical Thinking
PHI2141 Fundamentals of Democracy and Governance
PHI2146 Social Justice
PHI2182 Philosophical Anthropology

Optional Courses (18 units)

12 units from:

PHI2111 History of Western Ethics
PHI2121 Ethics and New Bio Technologies
PHI2142 Utilitarian Ethics
PHI2143 Deontological Ethics
PHI2144 Virtue Ethics
PHI2185 Ethics and Education
PHI3133 Feminist Ethics

units from:

PHI3129 Ethics, AI and Big Data
PHI3134 Environmental and Animal Ethics
PHI3307 Ethics, Multiculturalism and Immigration
PHI3308 Ethics and Public Service
PHI3309 Ethics and Religion

A course that is part of a bachelor degree or a major cannot count as an optional course toward a minor