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Counselling and Spirituality

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  • Program requirements

The following requirements must be met:

  • Six compulsory graduate course of 3 credits each: IPA8101, IPA8102, IPA8103, IPA8104, IPA8105; IPA8106;
  • Completion of a minimum of 1500 hours of clinical practicum, with at least 250 hours within Saint Paul University: IPA8201 and IPA8202;
  • Comprehensive examination (IPA9998);
  • Presentation and defence of a thesis (IPA9999) based on original research carried out under the direct supervision of a faculty member in the Faculty of Human Sciences and the FGPS. The thesis can be either a monograph or a series of articles prepared for publication in scholarly journals (See the FGPS guide: “Preparing a Thesis or a Research Paper: A Guide for Graduate Students and Supervisors.”).

Comprehensive exam

The comprehensive examination, which has a written and an oral component, allows students to demonstrate the depth and breadth of knowledge gained from course work, and their ability to integrate concepts, principles and theories, and apply these to counselling and spirituality. In addition, the comprehensive exam provides students with the opportunity to defend their written work orally.

The procedures for the Comprehensive exam are available on the program website.

The evaluation of the written and oral exam is on a Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory basis.

A student who fails the comprehensive examination has the right to one retake. A second failure leads to compulsory withdrawal from the program.

Thesis proposal

The proposal and ethics approval must be completed before data collection can commence.

Minimum Standards

The passing grade in all courses is C+. Students who fail two courses (equivalent to 6 credits), the thesis proposal, the comprehensive exam or whose progress is deemed unsatisfactory must withdraw from the program.


All students must complete a minimum of six sessions of full-time registration.

Duration of the Program

The requirements of the program are usually fulfilled within four years. The maximum time permitted is six years from the date of initial registration.

Thesis Advisory Committee

The Thesis Advisory Committee is formed during the first session of registration in the program. It is composed of the thesis supervisor and two additional faculty members. At least two members of the Committee must be from the Faculty of Human Sciences.