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Archive 2012 - 2013 > Undergraduate studies > Certificate in Philosophy

Certificate in Philosophy

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  • Program requirements

Compulsory courses (12 credits)

  • PHI2181 Human Knowledge
  • PHI2182 Human Existence
  • PHI2184 Philosophy of Religion
  • PHI3183 Moral Philosophy

Optional courses (18 credits)

3 credits from:

  • PHI1101 Reasoning and Critical Thinking (UO)
  • PHI1105 Introduction to Philosophical Reasoning
  • PHI1110 Elementary Logic

3 credits from:

  • PHI2380 Greek Philosophy or the Birth of Philosophy (UO)
  • PHI3185 Aristotelian-Thomistic Metaphysics
  • PHI3370 Plato: The Philosopher as Legislator (UO)
  • PHI3380 Aristotle or the Search for Happiness (UO)

3 credits from:

  • PHI2382 Medieval Philosophy (UO)
  • PHI3107 Thomas Aquinas
  • PHI3141 Augustine

3 credits from:

  • PHI2383 Modern Philosophy (UO)
  • PHI3377 Continental Contemporary Philosophy (UO)
  • PHI3398 Contemporary Analytic Philosophy (UO)
  • PHI4155 Selected Topics in Philosophy

Some courses have specific prerequisites.