Summer Institute in the New Evangelization (Summer Session)

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The Summer Institute in the New Evangelization (SINE) is a collaborative partnership between the Faculty of Theology at Saint Paul University, Catholic Christian Outreach Canada, and Mission of the Redeemer Ministries. It is intended to help meet the growing need for leadership formation in the New Evangelization.

Summer Institute in the New Evangelization 2016: August 8-17, 2016

The SINE is for anyone interested in learning about the New Evangelization, including:

clergy, religious and seminarians, Parish pastoral staff and catechists, diocesan leaders,

Teachers, university students.

Tuition Fees:

Non-credit participation :

For certificate

  • On campus: $449.00
  • Online: $225.00


  • On campus : $439.00
  • Online: $215.00

For university credit (on campus or online) please check the university tuition fees here.

Year 1
Theological Foundations for the New Evangelization
Introduction to the New Evangelization
Transmission of the Faith

Year 2
History of Catholic Evangelization
Evangelization in Post-Modernity
Exemplars of Parish Renewal

Year 3
Frameworks of Conversion
Charisms for the New Evangelization
Leaders for the renewal of the world

THO 3148 - Special Topics in Theology I

Theological Foundations for the New Evangelization

  • Understanding of central branches of theology
  • Familiarity with the basic theological methodology
  • Capacity to defend and use fundamental theological principles

Introduction to the New Evangelization

  • Ability to discuss broad themes of major magisterial documents related to evangelization
  • Understand the nature of and reasons for the New Evangelization
  • Identification with the missionary nature of the Church

Transmission of the Faith

  • Ability to articulate the kerygma clearly and share a personal testimony persuasively
  • Capacity to understand and effectively engage with post-modern culture
  • Capacity to lead a Discovery faith study

History of Catholic Evangelization

  • Capacity to distinguish major evangelical movements in the Church
  • Capacity to apply historical lessons to current evangelical needs
  • Desire to attain zeal and effectiveness of missionary saints

Evangelization in Post-Modernity

  • Capacity to articulate the relationship between culture and the Church
  • Understanding of the fundamental principles of post-modernity
  • Ability to use a SWOT analysis to develop evangelical initiatives in light of the current culture

Exemplars of Parish Renewal

  • Understanding of what parish renewal is and what it looks like
  • Capacity to describe principles necessary for parish renewal
  • Capacity to apply renewal principles to various parish settings

Frameworks of Conversion

  • Understanding the 4 central frameworks of conversion presented
  • Capacity to identify where a group or individual is within the framework
  • Capacity to evaluate and create parish programming in light of the framework diagnosis

Charisms for the New Evangelization

  • Understanding of the theological and scriptural foundation of the charisms
  • Capacity to operate in person charisms and foster the use of these charisms in others
  • Capacity to identify and implement movements for use in the renewal of the parish

Leaders for the Renewal of the World

  • Understanding key leadership principles for the New Evangelization
  • Capacity to develop a strategic plan for the renewal of a parish
  • Capacity to mobilize others

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