Licentiate in Philosophy

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Saint Paul University offers to students in the Department of Philosophy of the University of Ottawa the possibility of obtaining a pontifical degree at the conclusion of their various programs of study. Special examinations are necessary in order to conform to the requirements of Saint Paul University pontifical charter.

The examination will consider authors and parts of works that fulfill the requirements set out by the apostolic constitution Sapientia Chritiana and will consider the four following classical areas: moral philosophy, philosophical anthropology, philosophy of religion, and metaphysics. The choice of authors and works will be determined by the Faculty Council.

The student must present an application accompanied by a comprehensive academic file to the Secretary of the Faculty before obtaining the corresponding civil degree. The application is submitted to an Admissions Committee consisting of three Council members. The Secretary informs the applicant in writing regarding the Admission Committee’s decision.

The candidate must advise the Secretary upon receiving the corresponding civil degree. The time of the examination is then scheduled.

One must have an MA in Philosophy in the Department of Philosophy of the University of Ottawa and a BPh.

Oral examination lasting a minimum of one hour before a three-member jury.

Objective: To verify if the candidate possesses sufficient knowledge to teach philosophy in a seminary or college.

The student chooses 2 texts in each of the four sections from the list of authors and works approved by the Faculty.

The student must be able to: situate the text in the author’s work and in the historical context; present the contents of the text and draw from it the main arguments; explain a short passage chosen by the examiners; discus one or the other more important issues approached in the text; situate one’s own position in relation to the author’s, in other words define it and justify it rationally.

Exam delay: within ten years of receiving the MA in Philosophy.

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