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Honours Bachelor in Theology ‐ Anglican Studies (B.Th.) for Augustine College Graduates

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Augustine College Graduates complete 90 credits to obtain an Honours Bachelor in Theology - Anglican Studies (B.Th.)  

Foundational Courses (12 credits)  

Compulsory Courses (12 credits)  

  • HTP1103 People, Politics and the Planet  
  • HTP1104 Faith, Justice and the Common Good  
  • ISC2309 English Composition  
  • PHI2181 Human Knowledge          

Discipline Specific Courses (69 credits)  

Compulsory Courses (45 credits)  

  • THO2315 Ethics and the Human Person  
  • THO3124 Modern Church History  
  • THO3160 Pentateuch and Historical Books  
  • THO3161 Gospel Interpretation – Mark  
  • THO3162 Christian Revelation and Faith  
  • THO3163 The Christian God  
  • THO3164 Jesus the Christ  
  • THO3165 The Church  
  • THO3166 Moral Existence  
  • THO3168 Christian Spirituality  
  • THO3169 Christian Liturgy  
  • THO3170 Homiletics  
  • THO4110 The Eucharist  
  • THO4111 Sacraments of Initiation, Reconciliation, and Anointing. Funeral Rites
  • THO4126 Ministries of the Church  

Optional Courses (24 credits)  

6 credits from:  

  • THO2177 Selected Topics in Anglican Studies  
  • THO3118 Anglican Liturgy  
  • THO3147 The Anglican Tradition  
  • THO3174 Contemporary Anglican Theology  
  • THO3175 Anglicans and Unity  

12 credits from:  

  • University of Ottawa SOC and PSY courses, to be chosen in consultation with the Director of Anglican Studies.

6 credits from:  

  • Undergraduate THO courses in Pastoral Studies.  

Elective Courses (9 credits)  

  • Students choose 9 credits to complete their bachelor program.









HTP 1101 - Trends in Western Thought

This course addresses multiple aspects of the evolution of western thought, from Antiquity to current times, and the impact of major events and thinkers, and the influence of other civilizations on the contemporary understanding of human nature, culture and society.

HTP 1102 - Approaches in the Humanities: Interpreting the Human Experience

Introduction to theoretical approaches in the Humanities and to the methods that are applied to interpret the multiple expressions of human experience, particularly those expressed in important works of art and literature.

HTP 1103 - People, Social Justice and Ecology

Social and ecological challenges facing humanity today, and related issues of social justice. These questions will be examined from a perspective of community building and efforts towards ecological and social transformations for a hopeful future.

HTP 1104 - Faith, Justice and the Common Good

This course investigates faith, justice and the common good from religious, philosophical and human science perspectives. The course draws on classic and contemporary resources, in particular those from the Christian intellectual traditions.

ISC 2309 - English Composition

This course is dedicated to the improvement of writing skills in order to become an effective communicator in several contexts.

ISC 2314 - Public Speaking

Learning the techniques of efficient public speaking. Introduction and training to personal impression making in electronic media. Development of a professional attitude and self-confidence.

PHI 2181 - Human Knowledge

Study of the traditional, universalist, approach to knowledge as well as contemporary standpoint approaches, such as feminist and postmodernist.

THO 1306 - Exploring the Sacred

The human effort to express the experience of the sacred and to name our sense of the “Beyond”. The different forms such expressions have taken: cosmic wonder and its symbols, foundations stories, ritual life. The meaning of this effort for understanding the quest of the human spirit and its attempts to build order in society and community.

THO 1307 - What is the Bible?

The Bible: book or library, history or story? History of the Jewish people and of the culture in which the Bible was written. The Bible and its content. Interpreting the text. The Jesus event. The influence of the Bible on history and on contemporary culture.

THO 2177 - Selected Topics in Anglican Studies

Study of a particular period, school or representative author of Anglican thought.

THO 2189 - Introduction to Theology

An introduction to basic questions and fields of inquiry in Christian theology.

THO 2315 - Being Human

What is ethics? Introduction to the key ethical ideas that shape our lives. Ethical riches of the Christian tradition to understand ourselves and our responsibilities to other persons.

THO 2410 - World Religions

Introduction to the world religions with an emphasis on Christian faith in interaction with other living faiths.

THO 3118 - Anglican Liturgy

An introduction to the historical and theological development of the Anglican liturgical tradition from the Reformation Book(s) of Common Prayer to the present.

THO 3147 - The Anglican Tradition

A survey course designed to help students reach an understanding of the Anglican tradition and of Anglican theological method and spirituality.

THO 3163 - The Christian God

The self-disclosure of the mystery of God throughout history. Theological reflection on the mystery of God the Trinity; the caring God; the question of the suffering and compassionate God; the human experience of God; speaking of God in the context of contemporary culture.

THO 3164 - Jesus the Christ

Approaches to Jesus of Nazareth. His message and works. Theological interpretation of his death. His resurrection, exaltation, and the eschatological event of salvation. Jesus, Messiah and Saviour. Jesus, son of Mary and Son of God.

THO 3167 - History of the Church: The First Five Centuries

Relationship between history and theology. Methodology of historical research. Overview of the historical evolution of Christianity from its beginnings to the end of the fifth century.

THO 3169 - Christian Liturgy

Introductory course on liturgy and worship. Basic ideas of time, space, symbol, language and music. Jewish public prayer. The history of the Western liturgy. The structure and dynamics of the eucharistic liturgy, the liturgy of the hours, Sunday worship without a priest, the liturgical year, inculturation, and trends for the future.

THO 3170 - Homiletics

The theology and practice of preaching within a liturgical context. Study of the Lectionary.

THO 3174 - Contemporary Anglican Theology

The religious thought of a number of major figures during a period when Anglican theology has developed in an international context.

THO 4110 - The Eucharist

The origins of the eucharist and the meaning of a sacrament. History and theology of the eucharist from New Testament times through the Middle Ages to today. The eucharist as sacrifice and as memorial of the paschal mystery. Eucharist and experience of God.

Prerequisite: THO 3169.

THO 4111 - Sacraments of Initiation, Reconciliation, and Anointing. Funeral Rites

Baptism as the foundation of Christian identity. The Rite for the Christian Initiation of Adults and its history. Infant baptism. Issues in Confirmation. The (Roman Catholic) Sacraments of Healing: Reconciliation/Penance, Anointing of the Sick, Viaticum. Funeral rites and pastoral concerns.

Prerequisite: THO 3169.

THO 4126 - Ministries of the Church

Biblical foundation, historical evolution and modern development of the Church ministries.

Prerequisite: THO 3165

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