The Conflict Research Centre is pleased to give its Award for Student Research to Martin Samson, doctoral student in Conflict Studies. His paper entitled “Le Conflit Climatique” was presented at the Conflict Studies Graduate Student Symposium at Saint Paul University on April 13, 2017. The papers presented at this symposium were selected by committee via a call for papers that circulated among MA and PhD students in Conflict Studies. The jury for the award, made up of Professors Geneviève Parent (chair), Anna Sheftel and Hélène Tessier, appreciated the originality, theoretical expertise and depth of thinking that Martin Samson demonstrated in his text.

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CRC-Working Papers

The CRC Working Paper Series aims to facilitate the dissemination of new research findings and work in progress by Conflict Research Centre researchers and associates. The papers are intended to stimulate discussion of new ideas by researchers, practitioners and policymakers. The views expressed in the CRC Working Papers are those of the author(s) and do not represent those of the Conflict Research Centre or Saint Paul University. Comments on the Working Papers should be directed to the author(s). 

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