Harassment Prevention Committee

Saint Paul University wishes to provide for all its members, whether they are students, faculty or support staff, an environment that is conductive to study, research and work. Such an environment, while allowing personal, human and intellectual growth, requires an atmosphere of trust and respect. Harassment is therefore considered unacceptable. The University has set out a harassment policy to deal with such events, should they occur.

What is harassment?

By harassment, we mean:

  1. vexatious behaviour manifested through actions, speech, repeated acts or gestures, that are hostile or unwanted, behaviour based or not on discriminatory motives prohibited by the Human Rights Code of Ontario (race, colour, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, marital status, age, except within the measures provided by the law, political convictions, language, ethnic or national origin, social circumstance, handicap or use of a means to aid a handicap); and

  2. behaviour detracting from the physical or psychological integrity of a person or in the nature of compromising a right or that is in the nature of compromising work or studies of a person or group of persons or the creation of a work or study climate that is intimidating or hostile.

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment occurs when a person is the object of unwanted sexual attention which compromises the person's dignity and conditions for work and/or study.

Rights of complainant and respondent

Every employee or student of the University may file a complaint of sexual harassment without fear of reprisal or threat thereof.

Every respondent has the right to submit his or her version of events. The filing of a complaint against an individual shall not, in and of itself, justify disciplinary sanctions against that person.

If you feel you are a victim of harassment

Telling the person clearly that the offensive behaviour is unwelcome and unacceptable may be enough to bring the offensive behaviour to an end. If the behaviour does not stop or if you need to meet with someone, you may contact one of the following advisers:

Anitta Aaltonen : ext. 2218, LAF 112
Karlijn Demasure : ext. 2249, GIG 337
Terry Lynn Gall : ext. 2279, GIG 335
Mohamed Kouachi : ext. 2323, GIG 265 0
Stephen Wojcichowsky : ext. 2330, LAF 234

The adviser will provide you with information on Saint Paul University’s Policy on Harassment1 and offer ongoing support.

Each case will remain strictly confidential.

Visit University of Ottawa Sexual Harrassment Office:

1To consult the Policy on Harassment at Saint Paul University (2007), please go to the Jean-Léon Allie Library, the Human Resources office, the Student Services office or online (Policy on Harassment).