Discover the Online Certificate in Theology offered by Saint Paul University’s Faculty of Theology

Explore your theological and religious questions through an accredited undergraduate Certificate Program—offered wholly online!

Have you been searching for an academically rigorous program in theology that can fit with the demands of your busy life?

Introducing the Saint Paul University Online Certificate in Theology

The Online Certificate in Theology offers a comprehensive introduction to theology through a complete 10 course Certificate part-time program of study. As a wholly online program, the Certificate in Theology provides students with maximum flexibility:

In continuity with its long and rich tradition of delivering first-class education, the Faculty of Theology, Saint Paul University, Ottawa is proud to offer this innovative part-time program. Courses are delivered by university instructors with proven expertise in their areas of teaching and research. The Certificate courses are structured specifically for an online learning experience through a dedicated online learning platform. Since Saint Paul University is federated with the University of Ottawa, students have full access to the extensive online research resources offered by the Saint Paul/University of Ottawa library system .

Online Certificate in Theology courses are available concurrently through English and French streams, offering students the flexibility to take all or individual Certificate courses in their language of choice.

You may take one, several, or all Certificate courses. Each Certificate course is an accredited undergraduate 3-credit course recognized by post-secondary institutions worldwide. Students who complete the ten requisite Certificate courses will be awarded a Certificate in Theology, conferred jointly by the senates of Saint Paul University and the University of Ottawa.

Ten Courses for the Online Certificate in Theology:
(Please see Certificate in Theology program page for program requisites and course descriptions, and the academic calendar for upcoming courses in the next academic session)

Through the university online learning platform, D2L Brightspace, you will be provided with the following features for each course:

The duration of any individual course is one academic semester; you are free to work through the materials at your own pace.

Is the study of theology for you?

Social networks and media of all kinds attest to strong ongoing interest in religious phenomena and issues. Since the West has been shaped by and through Christianity, many seek to gain the tools to better understand what it is and what it represents. Saint Paul University’s Faculty of Theology aims to foster critical thinking about the Christian faith in an intellectually stimulating environment.

Whether you are interested in the full spectrum of Certificate courses, or whether a single course has piqued your curiosity: Explore the Certificate in Theology Program information page, ask questions, and, above all, register!

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The Faculty of Theology, Saint Paul University is also accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).