Common University Data Ontario 2012

A. General Information

1. Address Information
2. Qualifications Offered / Awarded
3. Degrees Conferred by Program
4. Male Enrolment by Program
5. Female Enrolment by Program
6. Total Enrolment by Program
7. Full-time Enrolment by Immigration Status
B. Admission

1. Applicants and Registrants by Type and Program
2. Undergraduate Programs Admission Requirements
3. Entering Average Ranges by Program
4. Application Fees
5. Students Accepted for a Term other than Fall
6. Deferred Admission
C. Transfer Admission from other Postsecondary Institutions
1. Enrolment of Transfer Students
2. Number of Transfer Students
(Applied and Registered)
3. Transfer Credit Policies

D.Library Collections


Student Life

1. Geographic Origin of First-Year Students
2. Students Living on Campus
3. Activities Offered
4. Housing

F.Student Experience Information



Annual Student Expenses

1. Tuition, Ancillary Fees, Room & Board, and other Expenses
2. First-Year Tuition and Ancillary
Fees by Program


Instructional Faculty and Class Size

1. Number of Instructional Faculty Members
2. Undergraduate Class Size by Year Level


University Revenues and Expenses

1. University Revenues
2. University Expenses