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Manager of Academic Programs

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Administrative Unit : Vice-rectorat à l'enseignement et à la recherche
Supervisor : Vice-recteur à l'enseignement et à la recherche
Hours : 35.00

Functions :



Manager of Academic Programs


Office of the Vice-Rector, Academic and Research


Vice-Rector, Academic and Research


35 hours per week


February 11th, 2013

Salary Scale (35 hours per week)

Minimum: $51,000.00       Maximum: $66,000.00

Interested candidates should send their resume and cover letter to André Lacaille, Human Resources Director at by February 11th, 2013



Reporting to the Vice-Rector, Academic and Research, the Manager of Academic Programs contributes fully to the development of academic priorities and the development and overall management of the teaching sector in order to ensure the growth and success of Saint Paul University.

He or she also participates fully in the strategic planning of the University, in setting priorities and in formulating policies and regulations. More specifically, he or she ensures adequate supervision and support for the development, analysis, assessment and delivery of educational programs at Saint Paul University.

This mandate is characterized by the importance placed on support for program offerings and top-quality teaching. The Manager of Academic Programs ensures that programs meet recognized standards and monitors the development of initiatives that contribute to the development and updating of programs.

Detailed List of Responsibilities

  1. Participate directly in the planning and development of new programs of study.
  2. Manage the process for requests for modifications to programs and for the creation of new programs promptly and with attention to detail for presentation to various authorities for approval.
  3. Supervise the work of various stakeholders in academic units following requests for modifications to programs and for the creation of new programs.
  4. Coordinate the periodic assessment of programs.
  5. Analyze the working methods and tools for modifying or creating programs, implementing new methods and tools as needed.
  6. Suggest archival procedures for all documentation related to the mandate and ensure they are carried out.
  7. Provide leadership and direction for the various academic units so they can assess the relevance and adequacy of their programs, especially regarding anticipated learning outcomes for each program. Train staff in the academic units to do this.
  8. Supervise the teams of professors responsible for teaching foundational courses.
  9. Negotiate with school boards, colleges and other universities regarding inter-institutional transfer agreements, partnerships, resource sharing and other ventures, and analyze programs for equivalencies.
  10. Stand in for the Vice-Rector, Academic and Research for various administrative duties as needed and act on his behalf.
  11. Serve as a consultant for all areas related to programs, as well as for all questions regarding the interpretation of regulations.
  12. Serve as a consultant in developing work tools, and guide and authorize access to these new tools to ensure operational efficiency.
  13. Participate in the integrated management of the website and other communications tools (calendar, directory, prospectus, etc.).
  14. Coordinate the activities of the Undergraduate Studies Committee and the Graduate Studies Committee, and ensure follow-up on decisions for the Senate (regulations, procedures, program changes) and for approval by the University of Ottawa, if applicable.

Experience :


  • Experience in project management, in managing priorities and in organizing work according to strict deadlines.
  • Experience in creating and implementing strategies and business plans.
  • Experience in communications and in complex administrative writing in both official languages.
  • In-depth knowledge of educational programs at the secondary, college and university levels (undergraduate and graduate), especially concerning program structure and curriculum.
  • In-depth knowledge of university regulations and experience in interpreting and implementing them.
  • Strong skills in the development and use of information systems and the software needed to carry out one’s duties.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Ability to do critical analysis and use sound judgment.
  • Very strong interpersonal skills and proof of excellent leadership skills.

Key challenges

 Managing program development can only be achieved by combining administrative regulations and procedures with the distinctive features of various programs, while maintaining a good rapport and a strong bond among the various parties. This kind of mediation involves setting priorities and creating innovative strategies while exercising a keen sense of analysis and of complex problem solving. This dual allegiance is part of this position, which is unique and requires a solid understanding of all the issues and a good sense of diplomacy.

Because the professors in management positions are change regularly (3-year mandate, renewable), the Manager of Academic Programs becomes the corporate memory of the University regarding programs. Methods and processes change frequently, and therefore the position requires strong management, planning and negotiation skills. The manager’s mandate is constantly evolving.