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*Please note that all courses offered in fall 2020 will be taught in English only. 


HTP 1110: Introduction to the Safeguarding of Minors and Vulnerable Persons (3 cr.) 

  • The issue of sexual abuse in society and the Church. Definitions, causes and prevention
  • Taught by Prof. Karlijn Demasure
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HTP 3102: Ethics, Power, and Vulnerability (3 cr.) 

  • Ethical analysis of the concepts of power and vulnerability in the context of working with vulnerable people
  • Taught by Prof. Monique Lanoix
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THO 3150: Theological and Structural Dimensions of the Crisis of Abuse (3 cr.)

  • A theological exploration of the institutional dimensions of the abuse crisis, including distortions of theology and pastoral practice that foster a false sacralization of ordained priesthood, the culture of clericalism, and perceptions of celibate life. The basis for ecclesiastical reform is a sound theology of ministry, pastoral responsibility, transparency, and accountability to the people of God in a truly synodal Church.
  • Taught by Prof. Catherine Clifford and Prof. Mark E. Slatter
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If you have questions about the requirements to fulfill to obtain your micro certificate, please refer to the Registration Booklet, which you can find by clicking here.

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