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Courses offered this semester


Winter 2021 SEMESTER


*Please note that all courses offered in winter 2021 will be taught in English only. 

HTP2101 Sexual Abuse, Trauma and Care (3u)

The physical, psychological and spiritual consequences of sexual abuse as well as the means of care for victims.

Taught by Professor Karlijn Demasure

HTP2102 Ethics and Care Provision (3u)

Ethical considerations in helping relationships. Risk factors and factors that contribute to the well-being of the person seeking help, from the perspective of the ethics of care.

Taught by ProfessorMonique Lanoix

HTP3101 Special Topics in Safeguarding of Minors and Vulnerable Persons (3u) : Foundations of Leadership

Study of a particular theme in the field of safeguarding of minors and vulnerable persons.

Taught by Professor Miriam K. Martin and Professor Karlijn Demasure


Students who wish to enroll in one or more courses of the micro-certificate should complete the document at: https://ustpaul.ca/form-special-student.php

If you have questions about the requirements to fulfill to obtain your micro certificate, please refer to the SPU website

For more information, contact Professor Dr. Karlijn Demasure, Director of the Centre, at CPCS@ustpaul.ca