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Lies and image fabrication in politics. Reflections on Hannah Arendt and politics in a society of consumption

Mass media and social media are playing an increasingly important role in politics. Added to this is the question of 'alternative facts' and lies in politics. This conference proposes to reflect on the issue of image making and its impact on citizens from Hannah Arendt's thinking. Arendt's thinking allows us to understand the transformations of politics: politics is no longer understood as an area of freedom and spontaneity for citizens, but as a space controlled by political marketing where we make a image that we then try to sell to target audiences. From totalitarianism to social media, to the scandal of Pentagon papers, we will try to understand what has become of politics in a consumer society. 
Sophie Cloutier is an associate professor at the School of Ethics, Social Justice and of Public Service of the Faculty of Philosophy at Saint Paul University and co-director of the Research Centre in Public Ethics and Governance. Her research focuses on Hannah Arendt's thinking and the intersection between ethics and politics. She is also interested in the ethics of hospitality and the ethics of care. She co-directed the collective work Le temps de l’hospitalité: réception de l’œuvre de Daniel Innerarity (Presses de l'Université Laval, 2015). She has also published several articles and book chapters on Hannah Arendt and on various contemporary ethical and political issues.

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