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Jarrett Carty
Adjunct Professor


Jarrett A. Carty is an associate professor in the Liberal Arts College, Concordia University, Montreal. He teaches in both the first and second year Western Civilization courses and the History of Science courses. His specialty is the early modern period in political thought, concentrating on Martin Luther, the Reformation, the Renaissance, and the late middle ages. Jarrett also has a wide range of academic interests, including ancient Greek philosophy, the Enlightenment, the American Founding, and the history of astronomy. Jarrett and his wife, Nikki, have two daughters, Hannah and Olivia. Jarrett is also an ordained deacon in the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, and a part-time chaplain to St. Luke's Table, a meal and service ministry to Ottawa's urban poor. In his spare time he likes to run, play hockey, wilderness camp, fly-fish, and listen to jazz and blues.