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Discussion of the latest report on abuses in the French Catholic Church (En anglais seulement)



May 10, 2023
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

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Cet événement sera offert en anglais seulement.


A round table discussion on the findings of the Sauvé Report by Céline Béraud and Phillippe Philippe Portie

In collaboration with the Collège des chaires de recherche sur le monde (University of Ottawa)), this conference will be a round table discussion on the findings of the Sauvé Report and will feature a dialogue between Professors Philippe Portier (GSRL/EPHE/Paris) who will be joining virtually from Paris and Céline Béraud (CESOR /EHESS/Paris) who is presently in Ottawa.



Céline Béraud is the Director of Studies at the EHESS, has a degree in social sciences and a doctorate in sociology. Her main research topics are gender and sexuality in Catholicism, religion in public institutions, the sociology of Catholicism in France and in a comparative European perspective (Belgium, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Quebec) and the sociology of religious authority. She published, with Claire de Galembert and Corinne Rostaing, "De la religion en prison" , (Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2016) and, with Philippe Portier, "Métamorphoses catholiques. Acteurs, enjeux et mobilisations depuis le mariage pour tous" (Editions de la MSH, 2015). With Solange Lefebvre and E.-Martin Meunier, she edited the collective work "Catholicisme et cultures. Regards croisés Québec -France" (Presses de l'Université Laval/ PUR, 2015) and the book Catholicisme en tensions, with Frédéric Gugelot and Isabelle Saint-Martin (Editions de l'EHESS, 2012).


Philippe Portier is the Director of studies at the École Pratique des Hautes Études, and holds the chair of History and Sociology of Secularism. He has published numerous books and articles on secularism, the sociology of religion, the relationship between religion and politics, and political theory. He is currently working on the comparative analysis of secular regimes and, after having directed the archival investigation of the Sauvé Commission (on sexual abuse in the Church), on sexual violence in the religious world.





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