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Les cours sont donnés en anglais (sauf Problèmes et débats en éthique contemporaine, THO 6734)

THO 6734 : Problèmes et débats en éthique contemporaine: Charles Taylor et Bernard Lonergan (Ken Melchin, Faculty of Theology) Fall 2012

Ce cours vise à : 1) initier les étudiants aux débats contemporains sur les fondements éthiques et les défis du pluralisme démocratique; 2) étudier le rôle des ressources théologiques dans le discours éthique public; 3) présenter les travaux de Charles Taylor et de Bernard Lonergan; 4) susciter la participation des étudiants au dialogue critique sur les questions fondamentales reliées à la théologie, à l’éthique et à la société démocratique.

THO 3166: Moral Existence (Ken Melchin, Faculty of Theology) Winter 2013

The course is a presentation of foundations in ethics within the discipline of theology. Christian ethics is presented as an active quest towards understanding and guiding ethical living. Part I presents a brief historical background to ethics in the Christian tradition. Part II introduces key insights on moral knowing, moral persons and the social dimension of moral life. Part III discusses human sinfulness and the response of Christian faith. Part IV presents some contemporary issues and debates in ethics.  

THO 4109: Sin and the Question of Evil (Ken Melchin, Faculty of Theology) Winter 2013

An introduction to diverse approaches to understanding the ethical and theological implications of evil in the world. Philosophical and theological efforts to reconcile evil with God’s goodness. Contemporary approaches to suffering, evil, and social sin. Insights into the implications of structural sin for ethical life. The mystery of human finitude, suffering and death. Understanding the cross and resurrection in relation to the challenge of evil. Evil and the encounter with God as Love.

THO 4105: Social and Political Ethics (Ken Melchin, Faculty of Theology) Fall 2012

The course begins by examining the relationship between ethics and social science. It proceeds to a discussion of ethical and theological issues that are central to political science. Finally students read a selected text from theological ethics to understand how spirituality can shape social and political practice.

THO 5104: Moral Existence and Christian Life (Morag McAleese, Coordinator of the Lonergan Centre) Spring/Summer 2012

This course is a graduate level introduction to the field of ethics in theology. Moral theology is presented as an active quest towards understanding and guiding Christian moral living. Topics for reading, discussion, or research include: historical background to moral theology/Christian ethics; key insights on moral knowing, moral persons and the social dimension of moral life; human sinfulness and the Christian response; and contemporary issues and debates in moral theology.

THO 2147: Selected Topics in Ethics I: Overview of Aesthetic/Art Theories in Relation to Ethics (Amy Pauley, Research Coordinator of the Lonergan Centre) Spring/Summer 2012

This course provides an historical overview of philosophical and theological theories of art or aesthetics from a variety of thinkers within the Western tradition. Salient features and arguments from these thinkers are provided to give a general background to key discussions in contemporary theological and philosophical aesthetics. In addition, these theories of art and/or the aesthetic are related to the general concepts of ethics and models of social interaction by each thinker.

THO 2147: Selected Topics in Ethics I: Business Ethics (Morag McAleese, Coordinator of the Lonergan Centre) Winter 2010  

This course will introduce students to contemporary discussions on the role of business and its management practices from a Christian perspective. It will engage students in a variety of readings that contrast traditional business practices with stakeholder theory and a common good perspective from Catholic social thought. Topics covered in this course also include corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship.

THO 3155: Selected Topics in Ethics II: Jane Jacobs (Ken Melchin, Faculty of Theology): Fall 2010

This course introduces students to the work of Jane Jacobs. Students will read a selection of Jacobs’s work with a view towards understanding how she grounds an ethics within an understanding of the dynamic structure of social life. Topics include ethics and social science; ethics and economics; the common good; natural law; ethics and the human person; ethics and spirituality.