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Enrolment / modification of enrolment for special student and auditor

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  • Before completing this form, carefully read the regulations pertaining to the special student or auditor categories.
  • The term "credit" is replaced by "unit" in English texts only, except in expressions such as "credit transfer" or "advanced standing credit" that are commonly used throughout Ontario universities.
  • Notice of Collection of Personal Information: Your personal information is collected under Saint Paul University Policy ADM-118 Access to Information and Protection of Privacy, in compliance with the Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. If you have any further questions, please contact the Secretary General at


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Have you ever submitted an admission application or studied either at Saint Paul University or University of Ottawa? *
Have you ever submitted an admission application or studied either at Saint Paul University or University of Ottawa?


Mother tongue *
Mother tongue
In which language would you like to study? *
In which language would you like to study?
Language of correspondence *
Language of correspondence

Status in canada

If your country of birth is other than Canada, what will be your status at time of enrolment?
Canadian citizen (proof required)
Permanent resident (proof required)
Diplomat (proof required)
Refugee as per convention (proof required)
Student permit
Other (proof required)
Not applicable

Note : Enrolment cannot be confirmed unless proof of legal status has been provided to the Office of the Registrar. Please send your proof of legal status by email to

Or upload here:

Permanent address

Contact in case of emergency :

Mailing address (if different from permanent address)

Use the same address as above

Special student or exchange student

(course with university units)

Please check one box if you wish to enroll as special student *

Exchange program

Term : fall/september Term winter/january
Program :
Level –Current academic year
Undergraduate: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Graduate Cycles: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Required document
Official transcript of marks

Personal interest

Maximum of 6 units per term and a cumulative total of 30 units, including the present enrolment request.

Improving academic standing

Applicable to the student having been forced to withdraw from a faculty. Maximum of 12 units per term. The cumulative total must not exceed 30 units. Or the candidate who has been refused admission to a program for the first time and wishes to improve their academic record in order to be admitted to a future session. Maximum of 12 total units.


Attach an official transcript as proof of university degree obtained. Maximum of 12 units per term and the cumulative cannot exceed 30 units.


Maximum of 6 units per term for a total of 15 or 18 units depending on the microprogram


Consult academic regulation I-1 Categories and status of undergraduate students for the other categories

Graduate studies

Please attach an official transcript as proof of university degree. All requests must be approved by the academic unit.


(without university units) *

Auditor : undergraduate course
Auditor : graduate course

Course selection

Enrolment to courses is not official until approved by the University.

Course to add

Course code :

Course to withdraw

Course code :

I agree to pay the fees arising from this enrolment. Any unpaid fees will be owed to Saint Paul University, unless I inform the University IN WRITING of my intent to cancel my enrolment prior to the deadline for full refund as specified under the academic dates and deadlines found in the sessional calendar on the University website.
I have read and understood the regulations and directives pertaining to special students and/or auditors. I certify that the above information is true and complete, including my declaration of citizenship and status in Canada. Any false declaration on my part will result in the cancellation of my enrolment. I agree to abide by all regulations of Saint Paul University.
By submitting this form, I agree that the information contained in it may be used for the purpose of my studies at Saint Paul University *