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Workshop #AdultsToo - Spiritual and Sexual Abuse of Adult Women within the Catholic Church




#AdultsToo - Spiritual and Sexual Abuse of Adult Women within the Catholic Church

February 4, 2022

9am - 4pm (EST)

Online - Zoom

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Dr. Ute Leimgruber Universität Regensburg

Dr. Regina Heyder University of Bonn

Dr. Doris Reisinger Goethe University Frankfurt

The Workshop uses exemplary testimonials to show the dynamics and aspects regarding spiritual and sexual abuse of adult women. It looks specifically at ecclesiastical and gender-specific risk factors and includes theological reflections on the women affected. The workshop is particularly characterised by its practical orientation.


Dr. Regina Heyder is a Church Historian and works in the field of pastoral training. Her reseach subjects include besides ecumenism and Women and Vatican II the abuse of adult women as the subject of autobiographical narratives.


Dr. Ute Leimgruber is Professor of Pastoral Theology and Homiletics at the University of Regensburg. Her research focuses are theological gender studies and abuse on adult women: she is one of the editors of "Narrative as Resistance" (www.erzaehlen-als-widerstand.de).

Dr. Doris Reisinger holds a PhD in philosophy and a Masters Degree in theology. She is a research assistant in the Department of Catholic Theology at Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, and a research fellow at the project “Gender, Sex, and Power: Towards a History of Clergy Sex Abuse in the U.S. Catholic Church” (Notre Dame IN). Her research focuses are philosophy of spirituality / spiritual abuse, and gender aspects of sexual and reproductive abuse in the Catholic context.




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