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White, green and rebellious

Every September 25 since 1975, white-and-green flags are raised high across the province to observe what in 2010 became Franco-Ontarian Day. Each year on this very special day, the more than 650,000 francophones living in Ontario celebrate their linguistic heritage and commemorate the fierce struggles that kept the French language alive in the province.

Saint Paul University, where more than 52% of students are francophone and all programs are available in French, is proud to mark this important day.

Together, let’s show our colours and our pride, and let’s celebrate our rebellious spirit!

For, we must never forget, it is thanks to the efforts of innovative minds filled with a spirit of social justice – such as Jeanne Lajoie, Simone Lanteigne, Pierre Bergeron and Gisèle Lalonde – that the French language and culture have been preserved in Ontario, and indeed that our wonderful university exists.

Chantal Beauvais


As the band Règlement 17, from North Bay, Ontario, puts it so well:

Oh affronté

Jamais conformé
Malgré les préjugés
Oh accomplie
Je suis qui je suis
Je m’affirme, point fini

To all my friends who are Franco-Ontarian, by birth or by choice, I wish you a wonderful celebration.

Chantal Beauvais

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