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WEBINAR Trauma in The Context of Sexual Abuse: Psychological and Theological Reflections

March 24, 2021

17h - 18:30 (EST)

Dr. Mariéle Wulf

Trauma is one of the most serious injuries to the soul. The soul seems to be dying - at least, that's how it feels. Any kind of persistent or violent abuse is traumatizing because it destroys the dignity of the victim. To abuse means taking something away from a person that he or she is not willing or able to give.  Abuse involves claiming someone's freedom, betraying someone, lying and demanding the victim's trust, claiming someone's love, and controlling someone's inner or outer life.

In this webinar, I will (1) explain the dimensions of abuse; (2) show how trauma affects a person; (3) explore how one can be delivered from trauma: through therapy and through grace; and (4) indicate how we can ultimately find reconciliation in God.  


The webinar can be viewed here


Mariéle Wulf is professor of Moral theology/Christian ethics at Tilburg University in the Netherlands and runs a counseling praxis in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Mariéle Wulf’s work as professor of moral theology is strongly connected to her ongoing experience in accompanying traumatized and physically or sexually abused persons. Her counselling is based on the model of the soul as developed by Edith Stein. Edith Stein inspires a realistic and meaning-oriented insight into the concrete human being.

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