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Vatican II - Interuniversity Research Network


C. Clifford

Catherine E. Clifford is associate professor and vice-dean of the Faculty of Theology at Saint Paul University, Ottawa. She is director of the Centre for Vatican II and 21st Century Catholicism. She is also the dean of the Ottawa School of Theology and Spirituality. View her recent and anticipated research activities here. Catherine is co-author, with Richard Gaillardetz, of Keys to the Council (Liturgical Press, 2012), and is the editor of For the Communion of the Churches (Eerdmans, 2010), and co-author of Le Pape: 25 Questions (Novalis, 2009).

G. Routhier

Gilles Routhier is full professor and vice-dean of the Faculty of Theology and Religious Sciences at Université Laval. He is the author, co-author and editor of many books, including Chemins de Réconciliation (Médiaspaul, 2010) and Penser l’avenir de l’Église (Fides, 2008).

M. Attridge

Michael Attridge is associate professor of the Faculty of Theology at University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto. He is the editor of Jews and Catholics Together (Novalis, 2007) and co-editor of In God’s Hands (Leuven University Press, 2006).


C. Glendinning  Chad J. Glendinning, Ph.D., J.C.D., is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Canon Law, Saint Paul University, Ottawa, ON. His research interests include liturgical law, conciliar and post-conciliar liturgical reform, and the legislative provisions for use of the forma extraordinaria of the Roman Rite in light of the present law – a juridical expression of the Second Vatican Council’s doctrine and ecclesiology.

Dr. Susan Roll

Susan Roll is associate professor of liturgy and sacramental theology in the Faculty of Theology at Saint Paul University. Her work is in the fields of liturgy, sacraments, and pastoral and feminist theology. 


Dr. Kenneth Melchin

Kenneth Melchin is professor of ethics in the Faculty of Theology and Director of the Lonergan Centre at Saint Paul University. He has been researching, publishing, teaching, and lecturing in the field of theological ethics for over 30 years. His books include Living with Other People (also published in French and Spanish), Transforming Conflict through Insight (with Cheryl Picard), and History, Ethics and Emergent Probability. His articles appear in Theological Studies, Anglican Theological Review, Negotiation Journal, Lonergan Workshop, and Catholic Theological Society of America Proceedings, as well as many other journals and edited collections. His research focuses on ethical theory, Lonergan studies, peace and conflict, business and economic ethics, and social and political ethics.

Anne Asselin

Anne Asselin completed her Canon Law studies at Saint Paul University, Ottawa, Canada (JCL, 1996; JCD, 2003). From 1985 to 2003, she worked in the marriage tribunals and chancery of the Archdiocese of Ottawa and the Military Ordinariate of Canada. She has been teaching canon law at the Faculty of Canon Law, Saint Paul University, Ottawa, since 2003. One of her areas of research has focused on the essential role of the laity in the Church as renewed by the Second Vatican Council.

 R. Ebacher

Roger Ebacher has been a Catholic priest since 1961 and a Bishop since 1979. His service in three dioceses has given him the opportunity to accompany many people and groups on their spiritual journey. While he has worked most with the spiritual direction method of reading and praying with the Bible (lectio divina), Roger has also experienced the Ignatian 30-day retreat and studied the spirituality of Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Jean Eudes (in the French school of spirituality) and Thérèse of Lisieux. He is interested in deepening the spiritual life, rooted in the Word of God, where we find the risen Jesus as the path of life and renewal by the grace of the Spirit. He currently teaches an online lecture series on Vatican II studies.


B. Demers

Bruno Demers is a Dominican priest and has been a member of the team at the Dominican Institute for Pastoral Studies (Montreal, QC) since January 1998. He is a professor of theology, especially linked to the "thoughtful articulation of the faith" section. In 2007, he finished writing his doctoral thesis: "Christian Salvation and Contemporary Experience" in Edward Schillebeeckx. He also has some pastoral responsibilities in the parish of Sainte-Madeleine d'Outremont and academic Christian community in Montreal and is a member of the International Society for Practical Theology. His main interests are in fundamental theology, on the borders of psychology, philosophy and theology, and questions raised by today: salvation, revelation, faith, evangelism, pursuit of happiness, interfaith dialogue, modernity, etc. In the wake of such theologians as Edward Schillebeeckx and Claude Geffré, he continues to explore methodology, the hermeneutic nature of theology, where deciphering the meaning of the Word of God is in critical correlation with historical experience today.