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Note to Contributors

Areas of Theological Research

THEOFORUM welcomes submissions in the areas of theological research, in particular those related to the main research areas and concentrations of the Faculty of Theology: Biblical Studies, Historical and Systematic Studies, Ethics and Spirituality.

The Faculty also includes research in the areas of practical theology and religious education.

Submitted manuscripts are expected to contain original work in Theology or related disciplines.

Please provide your written assurance that this manuscript has not been submitted to another journal at the present time.

Articles should not have been published in abridged or other form elsewhere, nor can articles published in THEOFORUM be reproduced without permission from the journal.

THEOFORUM is indexed in:

• Francis (bulletin signalétique)
• Histoire et sciences des religions
• Religious and Theological Abstracts
• ATLA Religion Database

Presentation of Manuscripts

An electronic copy, double-spaced, in 12 point Times New Roman font, to be submitted to the Journal by e-mail attachment in Microsoft Word format, and pdf if the manuscript contains foreign languages such as Greek or Hebrew.

Footnotes should be single-spaced and numbered consecutively throughout the article.

The first time a bibliographical reference is given, it should be complete (author’s full name, title, sub-title, place of publication and name of publisher, year and page numbers), and be consistent throughout the text.

Authors will receive an acknowledgement by email upon reception of their submission.

Upon publication, the author receives a pdf copy of his/her article and an offprint copy.

Manuscript Submissions

Please address manuscripts to:

Faculty of Theology
Saint Paul University
223 Main, Ottawa, ON CANADA K1S 1C4 or

 by email: theo-forum@ustpaul.ca