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Canon Law Webinar: The Preliminary Investigation in Penal Procedure: From an Allegation of a Delict to the Decree Initiating the Penal Process

March 13, 2019, Rev. Valère Nkouaya Mbandji

A recording of the webinar can be viewed here.

This presentation, by means of a concrete example, will render more “visible” the actions to be taken in case of an allegation of a delict. This webinar will shed light on the notitia criminis, the decree which opens the preliminary investigation (c. 1719); the delegation of someone to inquire; the good name and the rights of the person against whom the allegation is made (cc. 220, 1717, §2; 1468, §2 CCEO); the gathering of preliminary facts and statements; the decree which closes the preliminary investigation; and the decree which opens the penal process.

Valère Nkouaya Mbandji



Valère Nkouaya Mbandji is a Jesuit priest from Cameroon. After taking his civil law degree there, he completed a master's of Canon Law at the Gregorian University in Rome in 2013. Apart from having taught canon law, he has worked in the penitentiary setting (Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of Congo). He completed his internship at the tribunal of first instance and of appeal in Rome. Having completed his Ph.D. in Canon Law from Saint Paul University, he is now a new professor in that university.


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