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The Journal: Counselling and spirituality

For our 25th Anniversary, we decided to implement a change to the journal Pastoral Sciences, not only to the cover but to the title. The Editorial Board is proud to announce the new name of the journal: Counselling and Spirituality.

Counselling and Spirituality better captures the content of the diverse articles and themes presented in the journal and responds to the needs of our readers. The new name also reflects the growing emphasis on the issue of spirituality in the research and clinical domains. As such, we believe that this change will contribute to the expansion of our journal.

Counselling and Spirituality continues to present interdisciplinary research in practical theology, psychology, pastoral counselling, spirituality and pastoral health care. Articles reflect an international focus on pastoral research. The journal publishes theoretical, empirical and/or clinical articles that are either quantitative or qualitative in nature. Articles are selected based on their originality of scientific contribution.

Although each volume has a special theme, a section is included for regular articles on other topics. There is also a section for recent book reviews addressing topics in the areas of counselling, spirituality and health care.

In conjunction with this renewal, we have developed a website where you will find, a description of the current and upcoming volumes as well as the titles and abstracts of previous publications in Pastoral Sciences.



All English correspondence should be addressed to:

Soti Grafanaki, Ph.D 

Associate Editor, Counselling and Spirituality
Saint Paul University,
223 Main Street, Ottawa, ON
K1S 1C4

Contact email : sgrafanaki@ustpaul.ca