SPU receives $3.2 million donation to build a new Student Life Centre

Earlier today, Saint Paul University (SPU) unveiled the plans for its new Student Life Centre, which will open in September 2017 thanks to a $3.2 million leadership donation from the Saint Paul University Oblate Fund Inc.

This donation, the largest in SPU’s history, will allow the university to take a contemporary approach by providing students with a space that will promote their personal development, and tools that will help them achieve their career goals.

“We sincerely thank the members of the board of the Saint Paul University Oblate Fund Inc. for this generous gift,” said SPU Rector Chantal Beauvais. “It will allow us to update the image of our institution and continue to pursue our objective of becoming transformational leaders while maintaining our vision: preparing our students to be the face of change in the world.”

The funds will be used to renovate existing facilities to create a 5,500-m2 centre for collaboration and innovation in student life and activities. Key elements of this central meeting place will include multipurpose rooms for studying, co working, multimedia presentations and exhibitions. The Student Life Centre will also have a student lounge, new offices for the SPU Students’ Association, pastoral services, a reception room for various events, and a peaceful and secure outdoor courtyard.

The new space will be designed by the renowned firm Hobin Architecture. Work will commence in mid April and will be completed in September 2017.




  • Multipurpose rooms for study, teamwork, multimedia presentations and receptions
  • Modern collaborative spaces
  • All-new student lounge area and SPU Student Association offices
  • An outdoor courtyard offering tranquility and a connection with nature.

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