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SPU is becoming a smoke-free campus

Wednesday, October 17, will mark the entry into force in Ontario of the Cannabis Statute Law Amendment Act, 2018. As of that date, SPU will apply an interim policy prohibiting the use of all forms of cannabis, tobacco and electronic cigarettes anywhere on its property. In this way, SPU will become the first smoke-free university campus in the National Capital Region.


New strategy

In September, the Office of the Vice Rector Administration announced its plan to form an advisory committee and to hold consultations with the University community before proceeding with a permanent “smoke-free” policy. “The announcement about Bill C-36 changed things,” explains Normand Beaulieu, Vice Rector Administration. “The new law allows cannabis to be used wherever cigarette smoking is permitted. That is why we deemed it necessary to establish ‘zero tolerance’ until we have a permanent policy in place.”


Consultations planned

If a policy is already in place, what happens to the consultation process? Normand Beaulieu wants to reassure the University community: “We will create a committee and we intend to hold consultations with all groups concerned so we can properly understand the possible effects of a permanent policy. We recognize that an adjustment period will be necessary, and we will be flexible until such a policy is adopted.”


Resources will be made available

Adopting this policy will no doubt lead to its share of questions. The Office of the Vice Rector Administration also intends to make information and additional resources available to the University community. “We will put all the information on a web page,” adds Beaulieu, “and we will inform the community as we put these tools in place.”


Please note

The area designated smoke free as of Wednesday is the quadrangle formed by Hazel Street to the north and the east, Main Street to the west, and Clegg Street to the south. It will be permitted to smoke on the sidewalks that border on the campus. To learn more about the policy and its application, see the FAQs on the smoke-free campus policy.

Interested in this issue? If you would like to join the committee, please contact Louise Friend at

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