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Call for papers - Spring Session in Public Ethics

Saturday, April 8, 2017


Theme:  Ongoing Research and Reflection in Public Ethics

Abstract deadline: March 20, 2017

Public ethics, broadly construed, is the examination of large-scale ethical issues and problems in society. Public ethics, then, would include, but not be limited to, such concerns as

  • management of the environment
  • conduct in the workplace
  • regulation of public health care
  • oversight concerning privacy and technology
  • balancing of religious and civil rights
  • immigration and refugee policies
  • national security and military engagement 
  • issues in leadership

This spring, scholars, students, public service employees as well as individuals in private industry will meet at Saint Paul University to discuss and share their research, reflections and experiences regarding the major problems facing society today. 

The goal of public ethics is to provide clear articulations of society’s problems and to engage the rich resources of the philosophical tradition and modern scholarship to provide answers with the aim of bettering our society.

Presentation time: 20 minutes – then 10 minutes for Q & A


If interested, please send an 800-word (maximum) abstract to:

Dr. Richard Feist
Faculty of Human Sciences and Philosophy
School of Public Ethics

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