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Welcome to the website of the Centre de Recherche Sophia Research Centre!

The Sophia Research Centre promotes and supports intersectional feminist research at Saint Paul University, with a focus on research and activism around issues of gender as well as Indigeneity in 21st-century Canada.

As a bilingual and multidisciplinary centre, the Centre for Women and Christian Traditions wishes to create a network involving those interested in Women's Studies and feminist research in Theology, Human Sciences, Philosophy, Counselling and Spirituality, Conflict Studies, Religion, and Ecofeminism.

The Centre's office is located in Room 381 in Laframboise Hall at Saint Paul University.

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Since 2016...

The Centre for Women and Christian Traditions took on a new look and name in January 2016. We are proud to present the "Centre de Recherche Sophia Research Centre."

Past research project (2012–2015)

The recent research program of the active members of the Centre for Women and Christian Traditions concerns women's spirituality and the works of justice it can accomplish. Rarely is spirituality, properly understood, merely a private, static, inward-turned concept. Whether personal or communal, an authentic spirituality bears fruit: women energized and empowered by spiritual values and insights can reform social evils, heal deep wounds and effect reconciliation, bring striking new discoveries to research in theology, philosophy and human sciences, and re-vision traditions so as to build a fresh and hope-filled future.

For more information about the research project, please contact
Susan Roll at

Research: Women as Peacemakers/Femmes, artisanes de paix (2009–2012)

The Centre for Women and Christian Traditions is pleased to announce the publication (in French) of the results of the research project entitled "Women as Peacemakers/Femmes, artisanes de paix."

The project sought to encourage research initiatives focusing on the role of women in peacemaking, including but not limited to the spiritual implications of such roles.

A conference was held on the topic in November 2011 and the book was published by Médiaspaul in the summer of 2013. Books can be purchased from the Centre or directly from Médiaspaul here.

For more information about the research project, please contact
Pierrette Daviau at