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Ethnographer Vivian Labrie and journalist Pierre Bergeron are honoured by Saint Paul University

Last Friday, Saint Paul University celebrated convocation with great fanfare. Continuing its tradition of social engagement, it awarded honorary doctorates to two committed individuals: Vivian Labrie, woman of action and social justice champion par excellence, and Pierre Bergeron, a well-known communicator and ardent defender of francophone rights. Meet two brilliant representatives of the Saint Paul spirit!

Vivian Labrie ‒ Rigour in service of engagement!

Vivian Labrie

An independent researcher, Vivian Labrie is associated primarily with the Institut de recherche et d’informations socioéconomiques (IRIS) in Québec. She situates her work “between words and numbers.” For more than 40 years, she has done work on oral storytelling tradition and on popular knowledge.

My passion: contributing to the advancement of society using my research skills
My dream: building a Québec that is free of poverty
My message to graduates: “A university education serves in all areas of society! It allows you to have a creative, engaged and rigorous approach. We must join our efforts and engage all together and with the Other in a constructive dialogue on social inequalities!”

“I am honoured and privileged. Saint Paul University is recognized for its humanist approach, and this doctorate highlights years of research, citizen action and institutional work. It’s a gift!”

Pierre Bergeron ‒ Connecting a critical mind and idealism

Pierre Bergeron

An alumnus of SPU, Pierre Bergeron made his mark especially as a journalist with the daily newspaper Le Droit in Ottawa, and as publisher of Novalis Publishing. With passion he has dedicated himself for 40 years to developing quality journalism, la francophonie and volunteer work.

A guiding principle for me: Elected representatives must govern and speak for all citizens, not just those who voted for them.
The Saint Paul spirit: openness to the world and the community
My message to graduates: “Never be afraid to question the established order to make things happen. Never be afraid to speak out freely against political and social excess.”

“Saint Paul University has never been far from my path, whether as a student or as a business executive. This honour validates the values that I cultivated throughout my career – as a journalist, as a manager and as an engaged citizen.”


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