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This multidisciplinary training aims to help students to become familiar with the social justice aspects of questions relating to immigration, as well as to develop competencies in terms of interpersonal relations. The goal is to apply this knowledge to practical, concrete questions in the context of an internship.


Compulsory Courses : 15 units
IPA3123 The Helping Relationships and Ethical Considerations (3u)
ISC2329 Interpersonal Communication (3u)
PHI2146 Social Justice (3u)
PHI3307 Ethics, Multiculturalism and Immigration (3u)
PHI3901 Internship 1 / Stage 1 (3u)


IPA3123 The Helping Relationships and Ethical Consideration (3u)

Ethical issues in the helping relationship and counselling. Concepts of values and ethical principles. Application of ethical theories to counselling practice and the complex processes involved in making ethical decisions. Considerations of the plurality of perspectives relevant to ethical considerations (theoretical literature, empirical and philosophical). Particular attention will be given to praxeology, the ethics of dialogue and experiential knowledge.

Prerequisites: IPA1121 and IPA1122

ISC2329 Interpersonal Communication (3u)

Main theories and techniques of analysis in the process of interpersonal communication. Conditions for successful interpersonal communication. Experiential learning in professional contexts as in other situations. Non-verbal communication.

PHI2146 Social Justice (3u)

Explores, from the perspective of social justice theories, issues such as social inequalities, poverty, refugees, war, and environmental degradation. Examines criticisms of this perspective.

PHI3307 Ethics, Multiculturalism and Immigration (3u)

This course examines the relation of ethics, multiculturalism, and immigration, studies the questions regarding the possibility of a multicultural ethics, and addresses the issues and debates arising from cultural relativism and identity politics in the functioning of modern societies.

PHI3901 Internship 1 (3u)

A minimum of 130 hours professionally supervised in an environment that includes a component of public ethics or analysis of public policies. The internship incorporates a cumulative reflective practice component in order to encourage the critical integration of theory and practice. The internship culminates in the writing of a detailed practicum report.

Prerequisite: 24 PHI credits with a cumulative grade point average of 8.0.