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Social innovation and management – a perfect fit

Anahi Morales Hudon et Ethel CôtéStudents in the Graduate Diploma in Social Organization Development program can take the course “Social Innovation and Management,” given by two brilliant professors who complement each other well: Ethel Côté and Anahi Morales Hudon.

Offered by the Faculty of Human Sciences’ Social Innovation program, this course is an in-depth study of approaches and tools in the management of social organizations, from strategic planning and project management to advanced accounting.

“In this course, our aim is to create an important dialogue between theory and practice. Beginning with a critical reflection on our experience in different organizations, we analyze the contributions of democratic approaches that can improve our management practices,” explains Anahi Morales Hudon.

“Management within social enterprises happens very differently from management in private companies. We highlight a variety of successful practices in the social and solidarity economy to illustrate this point concretely,” adds Ethel Côté.


Anahi Morales Hudon has a doctorate in sociology and specializes in the study of social movements and intersectionality. Her doctoral research was on the struggle of Indigenous women to build an organizational economy in Mexico. The author of articles in various publications, in particular the journals Revue canadienne de science politique and Sociologie et sociétés, she is also the co-author of Indigenous Women’s Movements in Latin America, which was published in 2016.

Ethel Côté has a master’s degree in community economic development and a certificate in agricultural and rural development. Actively involved in the economic, social, cooperative and cultural sectors for more than 35 years, she is recognized as a proven social entrepreneur, an agent of community change and a leader in the development of communities and social enterprises.

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