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Social Innovation: A User Manual… Podcast Version

If you think social innovation is a vague, abstract idea that is taught only in the classroom, think again! Thanks to the ingenuity of two professors at the Élisabeth-Bruyère School of Social Innovation at Saint Paul University, it is now possible to learn how to change the world in very concrete ways wherever you may be. Introducing Manuel pour changer le monde [Manual for changing the world]!

Rooted in the real world

It was in partnership with the Montreal production studio Magnéto that Simon Tremblay-Pépin, director of the School of Social Innovation, and Jonathan Durand Folco, assistant professor at the same university, decided to create a series of really practical podcasts on social innovation. Why? “Because you can listen to it anywhere, and because there are still very few platforms of this kind in French,” explains Professor Tremblay-Pépin. “We wanted each episode to have a catchy title and deal with a very concrete question.”


From the experts

And there are lots of concrete questions. The first episode, entitled "Comment travailler sans patron" [How to work without a boss], went online on Monday, November 12. For about 30 minutes, several members of cooperatives, businesses and self-directed think tanks explain how their organization works. Listeners can therefore understand how self-management is lived on the ground. “We wanted to give the floor to people who practise social innovation every day,” says Tremblay-Pépin.


A good start

At the moment, the two professors plan to launch three more weekly episodes, including one starting today. “Production takes a huge amount of time,” Tremblay-Pépin admits. “We are waiting to see if they are well received.” He and his colleague Durand Folco are considering producing a book based on their interviews for educational purposes. Clearly, books are still worthwhile, even in the undisputed era of the podcast.


Simon’s Recommendations

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Listen to Manuel pour changer le monde on Spreaker

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