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Smoke-free campus: FAQ

Q: Why a “smoke-free” campus?

SPU is committed to supporting social responsibility when it comes to health and offering workplaces (or workspaces) and learning spaces where justice, respect for the other and overall well-being are valued and protected.

Q: Why has SPU adopted an interim policy designating the University a “smoke-free campus”?
On September 25, the Office of the Vice Rector Administration announced its intention to create an advisory committee and hold consultations with the University community before moving ahead with a permanent “smoke-free” policy.

With the announcement of the entry into force in Ontario of the Cannabis Statute Law Amendment Act, 2018, on Wednesday, October 17, 2018, the University deemed it necessary to adopt the “smoke-free campus” designation without delay.

Q: Which products are covered by this interim policy?
The interim policy prohibits the use of cannabis, all tobacco products (cigarettes, cigarillos, mini-cigars, pipes, waterpipes, hookahs, chichas) as well as electronic cigarettes on Saint Paul University property.

Q: Does this policy affect Indigenous rituals?
No. Indigenous ancestral rituals of a spiritual nature are not affected by the policy.

Q: What is meant by “campus” or “Saint Paul University property”?
The area designated as smoke free is the quadrangle formed by Hazel Street to the north and the east, Main Street to the west, and Clegg Street to the south.

Q: If I park on campus, can I smoke in my car?
The policy covers the entire campus, and cars on Saint Paul University property are ipso facto designated smoke free.

Q: Who does the policy apply to?
The policy applies to all students, members of support staff, and teaching or administrative staff; to the general public, including people or groups renting or using campus facilities; and to subcontractors and their workers doing work on site, in the facilities or on the grounds of the University.

Q: I’m a smoker. Where can I smoke without going against the policy?
Smoking will be permitted on the sidewalks bordering the campus and, of course, off campus.

Q: Do people who come to Saint Paul University have to be non-smokers?
No. Saint Paul University does not require anyone to give up tobacco or cannabis. The aim of the interim policy is to ensure the well-being and health of students, support staff, professors, tenants, and all those who come to the campus.

Q: I would like to give up tobacco. Does SPU have any resources to help me?
The University is committed to supporting those who wish to give up tobacco partly or completely. Resources are available for support staff and professors. Information:

Q: Will support staff and professors who are smokers get longer breaks so they can go off campus?
No. In accordance with the collective agreement and existing labour standards, all staff are permitted to take uninterrupted breaks. No extra break is planned for smokers.

Q: Have other universities adopted this kind of policy?
Although SPU is the first university in the National Capital Region to go down this road, it is following in the footsteps of dozens of post-secondary institutions throughout Canada that, over the past 15 years, have put in place this kind of directive or policy. Algonquin College has just adopted an interim “smoke-free campus” policy.