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Seminar: Trauma in the Context of Abuse -- Cancelled

The Faculty of Canon Law and the Centre for Safeguarding Minors and Vulnerable Persons are pleased to offer the following seminar, which can be attended at Saint Paul University or online. 


Trauma in the Context of Abuse
Prof. Mariéle Wulf

This seminar will explore the dynamic of trauma, which impacts the provision of pastoral care to abused persons. The seminar will also address theological aspects of trauma in relation to the light of redemption. Participants will gain a better understanding of trauma and how to respect the specific limits and needs of traumatized persons                                                                                                      

Syllabus for the seminar                                             


Photo de M. WulfMariéle Wulf is professor of Moral theology/Christian ethics at Tilburg University in the Netherlands and runs a counselling practice in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Claudia Mariéle Wulf’s work as a professor of moral theology is strongly connected to her ongoing experience in accompanying traumatized and physically or sexually abused persons.

Her counselling is based on the model of the soul as developed by Edith Stein. Edith Stein inspires a realistic and meaning-oriented insight into the concrete human being. Meaning or meaning-breaking is revealed in great fortune or trauma. Human beings are moral subjects who can fail and suffer from guilt and therefore need forgiving and redemption. Those theological notions will be studied in connection to the trauma of sexual abuse.



  • Philosophical-theological anthropology (Freiheit und Grenze. Edith Steins Anthropologie und ihre erkenntnistheoretischen Implikationen, 2/2005; Der Mensch, ein Phänomen, 2011; Een antropologie van de christelijke ethiek, 2012, Phänomene des Menschseins 2017)
  • Theological moral subjects (Schuld, ins Wort gebracht, 2/2011; Begegnung, die befreit, 2009)
  • Epistemology in ethics and research (Was ist gut? 2010. Morele denkpatronen, 2013)
  • Psychological-ethical research (Wenn das Ich zerbricht, Psychotrauma, 2014)


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