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Please note that the course timetable for the Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 semesters are available in uoCampus. To access it, click here.


We are currently experiencing difficulties with the course timetable. To access course information for the upcoming trimester, please click the link below. 

How to identify the type of course in the timetable


1)      In-class courses

  • Section: Starts with 00, A0, B0, C0, etc. (eg. 000, A00)
  • Location: Hall and room number (eg. GIG101)


2)      Distance courses


Broadcast live (synchronous mode) only

  • Section: Starts with WS (eg. WS00)
  • Location: Online live not recorded

Broadcast live (synchronous mode) and delayed mode (asynchronous mode) if the course has been recorded

  • Section: Starts with WX (eg. WX00)
  • Location: Online live recorded


3)      Online courses (asynchronous mode)

  • Section: Starts with WA (eg. WA00)
  • Location: Online prerecorded


4)      Hybrid courses

Hybrid courses combine two or more types of courses. Details will be available under the course code.

  • Section: Starts with H or WH (eg. H00, WH00)
  • Location: Refer to locations above