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"Studying in French" Scholarship for International Students

Saint Paul University offers a scholarship of $1,500 per session to international students registered in one of its programs offered in French.

This scholarship is granted:

  • For the normal duration of a B.A. program: that is, a maximum of four years based on two sessions per year;
  • For the normal duration of residency for graduate studies: that is, a maximum of two years for a master’s and four years for a doctorate, based on three sessions per year.

General conditions for admission:

  • Have submitted an application for admission for the first time to Saint Paul University in a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral program offered in French (that is, not have studied at Saint Paul University previously);
  • Be admitted to a Saint Paul University program according to the conditions for admission of the program chosen.

Specific conditions for graduate students

  • Have obtained your previous degree in French, with at least 60% of courses taken in French.


Enrolment conditions to maintain this scholarship throughout your studies


  • Be registered full-time in a program that is offered in French and take at least three courses in French (9 credits) per session.


  • Be registered full-time in a program that is offered in French and take most of your courses in French.

Students who receive this scholarship are not eligible for the Admission Scholarship Program.

For more information, contact the International Office by email or by phone:
+ 613 236-1393, ext. 2200.


This new program does not apply to international students who receive the Bourse d’exonération partielle des droits de scolarité pour les études en français. They will continue to receive that scholarship based on the conditions outlined in their offer of admission.